How to create my Portfolio?

You can maintain your online portfolio in one place with few clicks. After logging on, click on the main Navigation bar “MY PROFILE” >> “PORTFOLIO” >> “ADD”.


It contains the following items: title, description, price, source language, target language and area of expertise.


·          In the Title field provide short description of the item you uploaded. For example: “User manual”.


·          In the Description field, you can enter a short paragraph describing the sample by giving more details of the tasks you performed. For example: “The user manual instructions and guidelines for managing physical resources, security and system databases.  The document includes technical expressions and specifications”.


·          In the Price field provide the amount, you would charge for the sample item.


·          In the Source Language filed specify the source language of your sample.


·          In the Target Language filed specify the target language of your sample.


·          In the Areas of expertise filed specify the category of expertise.


·          In the Portfolio File select the file and upload it. You can upload Microsoft Word, Excel documents, Adobe PDF, html and text documents. You can also upload images in .jpg and .gif format.


In order to edit your portfolio, go to “My Profile” in your account. Click on “Portfolio” link to manage your portfolio.



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