Freelance Writing Success in a Box

Published by the American Writers and Artists Institute, this course is described as: Your complete guide for launching and running your profitable freelance writing business. That's a pretty good description. If you want to work from home as a freelance writer, this gives you all the information you need. This isn't a course about writing or copywriting, it's about starting and building a writing business. Nor does it confine itself just to copywriters. What you learn here applies to copywriting, writing books, writing articles and a whole lot more. Who is this for? Anyone thinking of starting out as a freelance writer Moonlighters... people with full-time work who do some freelance writing on the side and want to increase their success. Established freelance writers who want to improve their marketing and business skills, and make more money What's important: What's important here is that this material provides information that most freelance writers desperately need. There are many, many wonderful freelance writers who don't earn the income they deserve, simply because they lack skills in marketing their services and managing their time and business efficiently. If you want to earn money as a freelance writer, you also need marketing and business skills. This is what you will learn from this 'box' of information. This is invaluable information, whatever the stage of your freelance writing career - as a start-up or a seasoned professional. What's the box? Here's what you get... 1. A three-part guide to building your business and your income. The first part focuses on the practical aspects of starting, managing and running a business, even a home business. Part two is about managing your business and your time efficiently. And Part three is all about marketing your business and increasing your income. 2. A short booklet of Questions and Answers This booklet comprises 62 questions you might expect from anyone starting out in the freelance writing business - plus answers. I like the Q&A format, because it is driven by the people asking the questions, not by the experts. This may be the shortest of the pieces in the box, but there is a lot of value here. In conclusion... Reading the guides, two or three points in particular jumped out at me. These are the issues I need to address myself - ways in which I can run my writing business more efficiently and increase my income. This information is essential for anyone who is starting out in the business of freelance writing. Without it, you will be losing prospects, working inefficiently and making less money than you could. It's also a wonderful resource for experienced freelancers. Just because freelance writers like myself have been doing this for many years doesn't mean we don't get into bad habits or miss all kinds of opportunities to make more money. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to work from home and make a decent income as a freelance writer.

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