How to apply for your Newsletter Editor's License?

For many people Newsletter or Ezine creation is shrouded in absolute mystery. How do I know? Well listen to this story... The other day I was contacted by a lady who wanted to know which authority she had to apply to in order to obtain her Newsletter Editor's License. Wait a minute....did you say "NEWSLETTER EDITOR'S LICENSE"? Yep - that's right - I was being asked where the average Joe< xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> should go to apply to be given the right to publish their own Newsletter (or Ezine for that matter). Oh...and much would it cost them before you roll about the floor laughing, just think about this for a moment. While most people do realize that you don't actually require a license to write whatever the heck you like - I've gotta tell you - that's NOT the first time I've been asked that exact same question. Now in my view, if you're asked the same question by more than one person within a short period of time, then there's probably an army of others who think the same thing, but just haven't plucked up the courage to ask the question! Now obviously the answer is that you DON'T require a license to publish your own Ezine or Newsletter - at least not in the free world. ...But the question is a revealing one, as it points to the fact that a lot of people out there are still confused about how to become a successful Newsletter editor. So now, based on actual questions asked by the public, I've compiled my TOP EIGHT questions asked about newsletters. And here goes... Q. SHOULD I PUBLISH ON OR OFFLINE A. Only you can answer this question. Broadly speaking an online Ezine - delivered by email or via your website - has a big cost advantage of being near free to produce. But an offline printed newsletter has greater impact. Q. WHERE DO I ACTUALLY START WHEN CREATING MY NEWSLETTER A. Start by sitting down and creating an outline plan for your new newsletter. How many articles and features will you require for example Then sketch out a rough format before you do anything else. Q. SHOULD MY EZINE BE IN PLAIN TEXT A. Conventionally Ezine publishing has been done in plain text, but increasingly many people's email systems can read HTML. There are many considerations and you might want to ask about your specific newsletter on a helpful forum like my where other more experienced newsletter editors will be able to provide you with personalized advice for your situation. Q. SHOULD MY NEWSLETTER BE PRINTED IN COLOR A. If you're printing your newsletter, then your biggest choice will be the use of "color", "black & white", or what's known as "spot color" printing. This is largely a cost consideration, but don't forget how important design can be to creating the right impression. I've seen lots of EXCELLENT black and white printed newsletters! Q. HOW WILL I FIND READERS FOR MY NEWSLETTER A. That's partly dependent on your subject matter of course, but if you're trying to attract readers via the web, then there are a whole host of tactics that you should employ. Subscriber buttons, popups and exitpops are just some of them, but all the most sought after newsletters actually offer a gift to new subscribers too. This can be a free report or something else of value. Q. SHOULD I ACCEPT ADVERTISING FROM DAY ONE A. Advertisers are usually looking for a good subscriber base, before they'll pay you to advertise in your Ezine. So concentrate on getting the basics right before you consider opening up advertising space. Remember to put your reader first at all times. Q. CAN I RECOMMEND ITEMS THAT I'M AFFILIATED TO A. Yes. But don't do this unless you really are in LOVE with the product you are recommending. Check it out for yourself first and be faithful to the needs of your readership, by only recommending relevant items. Q. WILL I NEED A LICENSE TO PUBLISH MY NEWSLETTER OR EZINE A. Absolutely not in most parts of the world. It's good old free speech and you can write what you like! Best withes with your own Newsletter or Ezine,

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