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Importance of your website content in business marketing
Translators and translation companies often realize the importance of owning a website. Some of the most common reasons why they choose to create their websites are to create a professional image, provide tools for customers for easier file exchange and invoicing as well as a way to capture new leads
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How to create and promote your website on a tight budget
There are many advantages of owning a professionally designed business website. Just to mention a few are creating a professional image, staying in touch with your existing customers, creating new business leads. A website with your own business web address and email address makes your business look more professional and trustworthy. Additionally, adding your own articles related to your industry ensures your clients that you know your craft well. If a website is equipped with the latest online tools shows your client you are serious about your business.
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Quickly adding content to your website to attract visitors and search engines
Website content plays a key role in driving visitors and customers to your website. The content must be relevant to your industry and be constantly updated. Your website visitors and search engines visit your website more often if the content is fresh and informative.
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Do you need a legal translation? Three tips to choose the right translator.
If your law firm or legal department requires legal translation services, pay attention on these tips that can save your business time, money and your valuable reputation.
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Seven tips to find the right financial translation agency
Is your financial company searching for a financial translation service? There are thousands of translation agencies and it might be a hard task choosing the right one to have a good service. Take some tips that will help you to choose the right financial translation agency.
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Translation documents
Texts on translation of docs and software.
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Technical translations: importance and problems faced
this article is focusing n the technical translation and some problems wich can be faced on this kind f translation
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How to become a good translator
A fill tips to become a good translator .
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Field-specific translations
The importance when translating of knowing your field.
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All you need to Know about Legal Translation?
A legal translation is any used within the legal system. This can mean all manner of documents required by the civil and criminal justice systems.
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