Free Stuff: Translation Services
You will be happy to know that you can use many free translation services to translate text from one language to another.
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Audiovisual Translation ...
It is obvious that this time we are not talking about translation for the purpose of communication but communication for the purpose of translation.
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Using medical interpreters
According to the American Medical Translators, a medical translator or interpreter is a specially trained professional.
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Professional Certification: What is it? Do I need it? How do I get it?
If you provide language services as a freelance, one question is inevitable: “Are you certified?”.
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Speaking in tongues - translation services
While translation software has improved, it won't replace a human translator. You have to look at cultural norms and nuances of the language.
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Translation Services: Use a translator, a Translation Agency or Do it In-house?
A challenge any company entering an international market will be faced with is translating its materials into the language of the target market.
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Lost in Translation? How to get your marketing message...
Only native speakers have a perfect feel for their language. Working with native speakers will ensure that your translations sound natural.
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The Business of Translating
Translation is a service business, not an industry or commerce. The basic difference between industry, commerce and services lies in inventories.
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How to Choose a Translator Wisely
Find a native speaker of the target language (the language into which the document is translated) who can read samples of the translator’s work.
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Finding the Best Translation Service
A translation service can now be needed for anything from the translation of an education certificate to translating a website.
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