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Make Millions From The Chinese Market, But From Which One?
Written Chinese language distinguishes itself from other major market languages as there is no single internationalized version.
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How To Make The Translation Process Less Labour Intensive
Translation is a purely cognitive skill that is performed inside the translator's brain and that no amount of software can replace.
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Building Bilingual Websites
If you do your translation and localization right by creating a website that isn't merely translated from English then people will return to the site.
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Lost in Translation Services? Make Your Presence felt ...
Try to choose a translator who can perform translation from the native country. Native translators are generally updated in the language changes.
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A Business Approach To Translation Services
With the latest language translation software, English to Arabic and Arabic to English translation is easy.
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Expanding your business to the Middle East? Think Translation Services First
English to Arabic translation is one venue for arriving successfully. Learning the Arabic language can be the key to success.
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Spanish Correspondence, What About Writing Business Letters?
Translation services used to be the one of the only ways to communicate with those who did not speak English or Spanish.
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Are Your Translated Business Cards Up To Standard? Here Are 8 Tips
In the international arena, translating your business card into a foreign language can be rewarding in terms of success and lasting relationships.
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Translation Companies: Getting The Best Out Of Your Translators
Ensuring the quality of translated documents is as much your responsibility as that of your translator.
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Translation Without Tears
Translators who hold a Diploma in Translation or a Languages Degree with substantial translation components are likely to produce better results.
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