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Do Language Translation Tools Really Help?
Language translation tools on the web seem to be very handy to foreigners who don’t speak English.
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Why Translating Your Website in Hindi Makes Better Sense
Businesses have quickly become aware of the benefits of making their websites relevant to the native languages of the target audience.
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Is Freelance Translation Right for You?
Freelance translators will always be in demand. So how do you know if freelance translation is right for you?
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Spatial Requirements for an Effective Translation Agency
Any translation agency should have an office plan that allows for the segregation of the three basic operations: translation, marketing and sales.
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Making money online through freelancing
Translators are paid per page they translate and the payments received by freelance translators are quite attractive.
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What to Look for in a Spanish Medical Translator
Spanish medical translators translate all sorts of medical documents. This information can be anything from medical prescriptions to articles.
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Evaluating a Spanish Translator Certification Program
Spanish translator certification programs are becoming more prevalent as more people realize the importance that Spanish translation plays.
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7 Ways to More Business as an Online Spanish Translator
You might not always be translating, but you are always working to get more clients. One of the ways to do this is by becoming an online translator.
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Do You Need a Master's Degree in Spanish Translation to be a Good Translator?
Many beginning translators often ask what kind of education they need in order to be considered good translators.
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The pros and cons of personnel in the translation business
To be or not to be: operate as a freelancer or as an employer? The answer to this question depends in part on you ambitions as a translator.
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