Proofreading service
Our free service helps you to locate translators specific to your proofreading needs.
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Does My Translation Need Additional Proofreading?
Many translation companies give their customers the opportunity of having their translations proofread.
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Financial or Legal Translation: Tools of the Trade
Tools of the trade for someone who wants to do a financial or a legal translation have become so much more than pen, document and a general knowledge of the language.
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Ten essential tips for getting a professional translation
The number of translation agencies and freelance translators is growing daily
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Quality translators and interpreters
Finding a suitable translation and interpretation agency can be complicated. There are many companies who offer these services.
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Finding and using a good translation service
Finding and using a good translation service is a key business decision for large and small businesses.
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Correct Document Translation
You need a professional translation company, that has quality, trained professionals who know about document localization and document translation.
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Proofreading and Copy Editing
Globalization copy editing. The globalization copy editor is trained in international issues and familiar with the challenges that translators face.
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How To Improve Your Freelance Proofreading Career
To become a proofreader, you must have many skills. A proofreading course is a simple step on the way to ensuring a great freelance career.
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Six Top Tips - You Could Be Proofreading From Home Real Soon
Perhaps you are working for a proof reading company and you are looking for to get into freelance work.
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