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A birth certificate is an important record that documents the birth of a child. Legally, it is a certified copy of an entry from the official register of births. In almost every country, a person’s birth certificate is a crucial proof of his or her identity that is required in applications for citizenship, driver’s license, social welfare benefits, bank accounts, etc. Therefore, it is recommended that only certified translators are appointed to translate birth certificates.

A birth certificate typically contains the child’s full name, date of birth, sex, place of birth, the full name(s) of his or her parent(s), and their address and occupations at the time of registration. Other relevant official details may include the name of the hospital where the child was born, the name and signature of the attending doctor, and the name and address of the official register of births. In many countries, birth certificates are issued in “full” and “abstract” styles. The former is an exact copy of the original birth record, while the latter contains limited information about the child’s birth. For most legal purposes, “full” certificates are required. However, both styles of birth certificate should be translated clearly, precisely and free of error.

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07/28/2015144809 Certificates French - Croatian Open
07/28/2015144805 Document translation English - Russian Open
07/27/2015144777 Birth Certificate Translation Hindi - English Open
07/26/2015144760 Birth certificate Farsi - English-US Open
07/24/2015144725 Birth Certificate Gujarati - English Open
07/22/2015144685 Birth certificate English - Arabic Open
07/20/2015144610 Document translation Spanish - English Open
07/14/2015144478 Birth Certificate Translation Gujarati - English Open
07/14/2015144467 Official translations Greek - Swedish Open
07/13/2015144437 Document Translation French - English Open
07/09/2015144332 Birth certificate Thai - English-UK Open
07/09/2015144331 Birth certificate Tamil - English Open
06/26/2015143929 2 x Norwegian birth ceriticates Norwegian - Spanish Closed
06/25/2015143861 Malaysian Birth Certificate Malay - English-US Closed
06/24/2015143836 Birth certificate Gujarati - English Closed
06/18/2015143683 Birth certificate French - English Closed
06/11/2015143435 Birth Certificate Translation Arabic - English Closed
06/10/2015143421 Translation Kannada - English Closed
06/09/2015143367 Birth Certificate Spanish - English Closed
06/02/2015143144 Birth certificate French - German Closed
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