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A company profile is a document that provides al the details about the company. It is typically used as part of the company’s marketing plans and serves to enhance its customer perception and branding. Items contained in a company profile typically include: the company’s name and address, its mission, vision and/or philosophy, its history, milestones and/or major achievements, the main services or products it offers, the names and positions of its key personnel, and testimonies of its past and current clients. A company profile may also contain the company’s business plan, audit report, awards and credentials, community involvement, welfare activities, etc.

A company’s profile explains what makes the company unique and why a client would like to purchase its services or products. It is typically written in a language that is eye-catching and free of jargon, however highly specialized the company may be. Because of its promotional nature, a company profile should be translated by a professional translator who has sufficient knowledge in fields related to the company’s sector. Experience in advertising is also desirable. The translation should be clear, precise and free of error, and its writing style should be as fluent and attractive as that in the original.

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