This project has been closed and is no longer available.

This project has been closed and is no longer available.

Long-term IT project

Job Description

We have a new and exciting project coming and we would like to assess our possible vendors for this work to create a dedicated and skillful team. Please, find the details below.

Timeline: planned start of work: October/November 2017, continuous, long-term, day-to-day work

• Service type:
SW/UA Localization to Premium Quality standard (translation, proofreading, editing, reviewing)
• Language:
Dutch (The Netherlands) (NL)
Regular/daily tasks with short TAT (22hrs (Super-Fast Track), 24hrs (FastTrack), or 48hrs) for a large part of the SW localization tasks, and ongoing UA translation tasks.
• Current tools:
o UI: LEAF/Fabric
o UA: Oddjob/Memsource.
Training for these tools can be provided.

Machine translation (MT):
o MT is to be applied for all languages where available for all new words, to be post-edited to Premium Quality.
• MTPE percentage has been set at 70% of new word rate.
o Good experience with IT and Marketing localization
o MS Office-specific tools/platforms experience: Leaf/Fabric, Oddjob/Memsource, however, we will provide some additional training
o Product training: the popular products of this account are widely used. Expectation is that the supplier chosen should be already familiar with the products.