This project has been closed and is no longer available.

This project has been closed and is no longer available.

Native English speakers to do English Proofreading

Job Description

We are looking for several English native speakers who can help to
do checking/editing of business documents in English. As one of
the largest translation companies in Shanghai China, we have more
than 20 jobs every month.

Job description and requirement are as below.

Checking/editing of business documents in English, mainly press
releases, industry survey reports, corporate training, company
magazines for clients or employees (monthly, quarterly or annual),
product leaflets or brochures, annual reports, children’s
literature, etc.

These documents are mainly from our long term clients in China
which are international or domestic companies including Fortune
500 companies. And they need the checking/editing service of these
documents for their international market in USA or Europe.

Translation Volume:
Around 50,000 English words to be proofread every month, more than
20 jobs

Translator Requirements:
1) mother language in English, strong writing skills in English.
Past translation or proofreading experience is preferred;
2) familiar with business documents;
3) expected modification rate of around 20%, in both wording and
sentence structures to make the articles native and professional,
no basic mistakes including grammar mistakes;
3) Proficient in reading Chinese documents is a plus, but not

If you are interested in this kindly of jobs, please kindly quote
with info below
1) Provide your resume with detailed contact info including Skype
email or phones;
2) give us a brief reply regarding if you satisfy the requirements
above, and your special expertise;
3) quote your best rate in USD per English word, your turnaround
time, and your expected payment term.

After we receive your reply, we will send you a sample English
file for proofreading test (less than 250 words, story about
company history and magazine). Our final decision will be made
within one week upon we receive your quote and trial