Enquiry for Korean/English Consecutive Interpreter for upcoming depositions in Seoul from 14 to 17 November

Job Description

Dear interpreters,

Our client has an upcoming depositions and an investigation interview in Seoul from 14 to 17 November that needed Korean/English interpretation. The client needs a total of three consecutive interpreters. Please see the job details as below:

The first interpreter works for 14 – 17 November (4 full days) - deposition
The second interpreter works for 14 & 16 November (2 full days) - deposition
The third interpreter works for 16 November (1 day for 5-6 hours) - investigation interview

May we know if you are interested and on which dates you are available, or will you prefer to work as the first interpreter, or second interpreter or the third interpreter? We need three interpreters in total.
We are Looking forward to hearing from you with your CVs and rates for our consideration, many thanks.