This project has been closed and is no longer available.

This project has been closed and is no longer available.

Looking for Greek native speaker translators with extensive experience(From English to Greek)

Job Description

I follow up a hymn project of a Christian church, which needs excellent translators help us to translate them from English to Greek. These hymns will be made into songs, and these songs will be gifts to God, will be offered to those who wish to praise God. We attach great importance to these lyrics, so our requirements are as follows:

(1) Be Greek native speakers;
(2) Have over 10 years professional experience translation(from English to Greek));
(3) Have experience of religious translation or music translation(from English to Greek);
(4) It would be better if you have experience of Learning music.

If you're interested in our project. Please reply with some necessary information:
(1) Briefly introduce yourself.(including Native speaker or not, nationality, experience in translation and religious translation or learning music) or provide us with your resume.
(2) Are you willing to make a free sample for us?(150words)
(3) Do you have a personal website or homepage? Please send it to us.