This project has been closed and is no longer available.

This project has been closed and is no longer available.

English to Norwegian translation quote for automotive financing website

Job Description

I'd like to request a quote from you to translate a project from English to Norwegian. We have a preliminary deadline for the end of March.

We do not have a specific budget - please be aware that we are gathering multiple quotes, and are looking for a competitive price.

The project involves automotive financing, and currently looks like this:
1. A series of emails: about 3500 words
2. An interactive website: about 2000 words
3. A backend system for car dealerships: This is in the early prototype stages and has not progressed as far as the other two parts of the project. Which means that this is TBC and so I don't have a word count that I can give you as yet.

Audience and purpose of the messaging:
For 1 & 2: The Buyer - we want to help them acquire financing. We want to minimise drop outs caused by the financing system that may result in lost sales.
For 3: The Dealer - we want to help them fulfil an order within the new system. We want to make the process as streamlined as possible so that the Dealers adopt the system with minimal fuss.

Available reference materials:
- Working prototypes with English copy that show the website, emails and UI, and how they work.
- Flow charts that show the step by step processes for the website, emails and UI.
- User testing data (quant and qual) which has been used to refine the design of the emails and website.

Other points:
- We do not have an official tone of voice guide, but as the copywriter on this project, I can guide you. We also have some native Norwegians who may be available to assist.
- We have (what we think is) a logical system that we'd like you to work to - the content will be provided in a Google Sheet and Word Documents.

Please let me know if there is any specific information you need from me. Alternatively, if you would like to arrange a quick phone call to talk through things, please let me know a good time to contact you, and the number you would like me to call you on.

Please also be aware: before we can provide you with more detailed information, we would need you to sign an NDA - I'm sure you know the drill!

Thanks for taking the time to read through my somewhat lengthy message.