This project has been closed and is no longer available.

This project has been closed and is no longer available.

Work Opportunity

Job Description

Social Media Evaluator For Mandarin Chinese Speakers in Hong Kong!

Help improve ads quality on a popular social media platform.
Were looking for Social Media Evaluators to help us determine the relationship between a variety of entities!

Project Requirements:
• 10-20 Hours per Week
• Laptop or Desktop computer with Chrome Browser
• Flexibility to learn from changing standards and tasks

• No commute and flexible hours - work from home, anytime Saturday - Friday, any time of the day. You make your business hours!
• Interesting & rewarding - you will be exposed to new products, web pages, and more while getting paid!
• Sense of achievement - you will be making the end-user experience on the internet better by contributing to organizing all the big data out there!

Join us today! ClDo not miss the chance to earn extra income working from the comfort of your own home. This is a great opportunity for you and your friends!

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