Bok, tražim prevoditelje moje nove knjige
Created : 10/1/2013   Source Language : Croatian  Target Language : English  Answers : 14
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Alen Demiter Translation: Hello, I'm looking for translators of my new book :D Ok, koja je ponuda za plaćanje? ;)
Damir Zuljevic Hello. I am looking for translators to translate my new book.
Nope Nope Hello, My member name is CroSakura and I would gladly help you.
Nope Nope Hello, My member name is CroSakura and I will gladly translate your books.
Saša Žic No problem!
tajana bartol Is this job still open? I am interested in translating your new book.
Katarina Grgas Hi there, My name is Katarina Grgas and I am an English, French and Croatian translator. I have graduated from Faculty of Philosphy, English and French language and literature. I have 10 years of experience as a translator. I have lived in the US and Canada where I also worked as a translator, in-house and freelance. I have also translated subtitles for movies and books which is my area of expertise since I'm also holding a MA in American novel of 20th century obtained at University of Wisconsin. I charge 0.15 CAD / target word, but if this offer interests you, perhaps we could negotiate, depending on amount of work. I look forward to hearing from you. Best, Katarina Grgas p.s. I would have replied in Croatian, but the instruction here says- English.
Tamara Lovrinović Bok, ja sam zainteresirana za prijevod vase knjige. Lijep pozdrav!
Alen Isak Dobar dan, o kakva je knjiga u pitanju?
Tomislav Zelic javite se na