Suleiman Borei

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    English - Somali 0.5 USD per word Native Speaker 8 year(s) of experience Certified

    Employment History

    • Conducting and performing oral translation during seminars, Leading team check for the first draft commentary.

      Translation, Interpretation, Copy editing, Proofreading and Typesetting

      AdaptIt software for word for word translation, Group Discussion about the translation cultural and dialects during team check and Community testing through meaning-based translation.

    • Summary Achievement: I gained pleasant and straightforward personality and earned the respect of refugees and colleagues that made me an effective member of a multicultural team. I gained significant achievement in this assignment both UNHCR and Refugee community facilitating them particularly asylum seekers seeking for registration and protection at the UNHCR office.

      Working with UNHCR Branch Office in Nairobi as an interpreter/translator volunteer for refugees who have been sponsored by the their relatives in abroad and have already been prescreened by the Joint Voluntary Agency (JVA) or other Embassies/High Commissions for resettlement to third country for family reunification then forwarded to UNHCR for verification of refugee status in Kenya.

      Somali Bantu Facilitator, Interpreter/Translator, Arranging refugees’ appointments to the Protection Desk at the UNHCR and identifying immediate needs for the member of the communities and communicating the same to the UNHCR Officer, and also interpreting for the member of the community at the Reception Desk when called upon to do so.


    • Eastleigh Learning Centre College

      Elementary English Language Course Based on Oxford University



    • The City Council of Nairobi

      Single Permit


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