Krishna Kota

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    English - Telugu 0.8 INR per word Native Speaker 5 year(s) of experience
    Hindi - Telugu 0.8 INR per word Native Speaker 2 year(s) of experience
    Hindi - English-UK 0.1 USD per word 1 year(s) of experience
    Hindi - English 0.8 USD per word 1 year(s) of experience
    Sanskrit - English 0.1 USD per word 1 year(s) of experience
    Telugu - English 0.1 USD per word Native Speaker 1 year(s) of experience
    Telugu - Hindi 0.1 USD per word Native Speaker 1 year(s) of experience
    Hindi - English-US 0.1 per word 1 year(s) of experience
    English - English 2 INR per word 5 year(s) of experience
    English - Hindi 0.8 INR per Character 1 year(s) of experience

    Employment History

    • The work experience was gained as part time employment without disturbing the regular teaching job. The vast experience of voracious book reading helped in finding out the techniques in furnishing the proof reading,writing articles related to art,,Poetry and other varied duties in this field.I was accredited by the Editor for all the sincere, laudable and authentic services. I have an ample experience to work with MS Word; Excel; PPT and audio files as well.

      Translations from English to Telugu ,Proof reading for every monthly issue Writing some articles related to Indian Art. Translated the serial article of Smt Sulagna Chakraborthy which was written in English into Telugu as free lance translation for about 22 months. I have been working as part- time freelance translator job works and have done more than 15,75,000 words in the span of six years since 2009. My works are done in Unicode and TTF Vikas fonts. June till today.

      Proved to be a very successful translator with six books got published by my name as translator and worked with many reputed clients.....Published many of the articles. Proof reading with grammar corrections, Adding needed vocabulary as part of the job.. Maintained correspondence of the readers and Editor-for two years.

    • I developed great interest in translation works from 1987 onwards.I`ve improved my Acaedmic qualifications with two more Post Graduations in History in English Medium only ,(as I did my First P G in Politics) This added PGs, injected confidence in me in developing superb skill in translation works . The published aricles boosted my morale to start many more ventures like this . I am interested and euipped with literary content.I wish to do translations from English to Telugu, Eng,Hind

      Working as Teacher Dealing with Social sciences Covering-Geography,History,Economics,Democratic Politics,and Disaster Management -For Classes-6 to 10. Our`s is CBSE Syllabus. Along with teaching subjects Social sciences,I dealt with English,Telugu aswell for more than a decade. I am deeply in love with Literature. So I often involve in School Magazine works,Co-curricular activities and competitions of student-teachers at various levels.I also attended 12+ in service seminars took

      I`ve Keen interest in Language ,Literary Activities..I immerse my self in writing Poetry,Short stories,Serial articles to various magazines for Publication. I Mastered Poetry translations,story ,novel translation works . Expertised Academic content translation skill while Counseling in Dr BR Ambedkar Open University Study Centre ,YLM Govt. Degree College Campus ForB.A.2nd and 3rd years..for 13 consecutiveyears (part time Basis) I`ve exposure to voracious reading,reference work as well.

    • My duty was on weekend Sundays and Second Satur days of every month. My counseling should help them to understand the study material while going through at home.So,I was quite fruitful in making them perfect with a single reading of their Public Administration and Politics.Almost all of my students are successful in their efforts.

      I was appointed on 20-12-1987 as Counselor in Public Administration.I Counseled to B.A.Second and Final Years students with great enthusiasm. I counseled for solid 13 consecutive years till July 14 Th. It was a part time basis and I worked on honorarium only.

      Inspiring Counseling,Creative abilities of communication in both English and Telugu... I could motivate the students of aging 25 to 45 years.Open versity is meant for discontinued or drop outs and direct B.A.students.It requires Lots of pationce,talent to motivate such students.I was even successful in counseling them to get above 60 %. So,I feel I am an able Lecturer and counselor as well.


    • Mahindra Info - Tech

      M.S.Office-basics of Computoring devices.





    • Andhra University-Direcorate of Distance Education

      English -Specialisations were Shakspearian Literature and Other papers were Indian English Literature,American English ,And History of English Language.

      Master of Arts

    • Andhra University-Direcorate of Distance Education

      History-Specialisation were American History,Read papers were Indian and British History took admissoin and wrote one paper in 1993 but all the remaining papers were attempted in 2000

      Master of Arts

    • Annamalai University D.D.E

      English and Social Studies-took admission in 1987 But attended to exams only in 1993


    • Andhra university PG Extension Centre KAKINADA

      Politics-Specialisations were Fundamental Rights and Modern Political Analysis

      Master of Arts

    • Viswa Hindu Parishad-under Sri Upadrashta Venkata Ramanayyiaha Garu

      Sanskrit First one year correspondence course

      Basics of grammer,literature etc


    • DAV CMC

      Master Trainer of Teahers of CBSE

    • Andhra University

      Master of Arts in English Literature

    • ,Hindi Certificate from Dakshin Bharat Hindi Prachara Sabha--Sanskrit certificate from Viswa Hindu Parishad -Director Shri Upadrashta Venkata Ramanayya Garu

      Uttama in Hindi and Certificate course in Sanskrit in 1981

    • Andhra University

      Master of Arts in History

    • Road Transport of -Government of India.

      M.S.Office from Mahindra Info-Tech in 2006, Two wheeler and four wheeler light vehicles Driving Licence from Visakhapatnam 1995 -valid upto 2012

    • Andhra University

      Master of Arts in Politics

    • Andhra University,Andhra Pradesh,India

      Batchelor of Arts in Telugu Literature


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    Dharanis and Mahakaruna

    Recently translated the said Texts successfully.
    It was a great experience to work with such an eminent personality for such a pious religious work of Buddhism,one of the oldest religions of the world.
    I was blessed with a very good cooperation from him while doing the translations..whenever I developed doubt regarding the work.
    I wish to do translations many more in which I excelled as said in my Profile.
    Always I performed the given works within time with due respect wherever I got reciprocative support....


    • Price : $ 140/
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    • Source Language : Sanskrit
    • Target Language: English
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    Proof Reading of a Degree Certificate's Translation

    It was about some Degree Certificate to translate.


    • Price : Ten Pounds
    • Type : 17 October 2014
    • Source Language : Hindi
    • Target Language: English
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    Short Paragraph

    It was about a small para related to communication brochure


    • Price : Ten Pounds
    • Type : 17 October 2014
    • Source Language : Hindi
    • Target Language: English
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