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    Russian - English 0.1 USD per word Native Speaker 32 year(s) of experience
    English - Russian 0.1 USD per word Native Speaker 31 year(s) of experience

    Employment History

    • Fluorotronics is a global technology company developing and commercializing optical-nano-molecular Spectro-Fluor technology for pharmaceutical, life sciences, bioemdical and product security, nanotechnology areas/applications

      Chief Executive Officer and Chairperson

      Technology platform company development, technology transfer, patents and licensing, international collaborations, technology commercialization, international business development


    • San Diego State University



    • Linguistic Courses, Office of Moscow Mayor

      Dimploma of Translator & Interpreter

      English Translator & Interpreter Dimploma

    • Moscow Technological Academy, formerly known as MTILP

      Chemical Engineering

      Master of Science


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