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    Spanish - English 0.03 USD per word 7 year(s) of experience
    English - Spanish 0.02 USD per word Native Speaker 15 year(s) of experience

    Employment History

    • With nine years living in USA, and 15+ working for International enterprises, and my wide lived experience in English to Spanish and Spanish to English communications, translation, interpretation, and proofreading, I’m doing jobs in translation world in areas like; legal, medical, manufacturing, construction, plumbing, insurance, official documents; will, property transfer, scholastic material, bird certificates, medical diagnostics and a variety of personal documents. Also I combine my translat

      Seek for new project providers and increase my customer agenda, attend translation request from clients, and do human been translation under rules of high quality, accurate, good grammar usage and application, respecting meaning and been punctual with deadlines, at the end of each project obtain feedbacks of results doing follow ups to customer. Work hard to build a prestige as an excellence translator. Also administer business issues, look forward for updates in language usage, participate in f

      Wide knowledge in English and Spanish Languages. Wide experience in Computer usages, also in the use of software like Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Operating Systems, Data Base administering, use of automatic translators, and of course the Web and Internet. For my current Job you need to be an expert in computers maintenance & repair, also in IT technologies, programming, ERP implementation, and so forth.

    • Company with many Latin American and American employees and workers, the company was a plumbing installer and materials supply, I begun with company and help to conduct to succeed, I helped in decisions taking, designing proper work and administration procedures, and implementation of them, also been the link between native English speakers and Latin American workers, through my skill as bilingual person, additionally been the link between company and municipal authorities, in order to pull perm

      Be the link between native English speakers and Latin American workers, Managing Company, conduct daily activities including; made proposals and contracts for builders and single customers, projects advance & control, invoicing, service and supply payments, on line banking, translate several kind of documents, manuals, instructional booklets, county format, and so forth, also I pull permit from counties, inspection reports, solve problems with plumbing inspectors and workers labor, and pull the

      Good knowledge in small business administration, invoicing, accounting, plans reading, experience in made estimates, quotations and work contracts for plumbing jobs, professional plumbing licensed, full bilingual English Spanish English, wide experience in MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point), handle of computers, use of Project, Visio, Plans Design software, ability to lead bilingual meetings, experience in to make bilingual presentations, and bilingual result reports, speaking facility, good r

    • A multinational company; Japanese, Mexican & American joint venture, for build radios and electronic components for automotive industry. Success in complete ERP implementation Plan; Significant Improvement in System Usage through succeed training programs for users; reduction of purchasing & supply timing from 3 week to 1; improve production plan; reduce the number of PO from 2000 to 800 a week; improve BOM’s through timing reduction; replace monthly physical inventory and Cycle Counts instead o

      My main role was to be Project Leader in implementation process of ERP System, applied to most company operation process, also I had responsibility in weekly Payroll issue, daily invoicing, and everything related to Information System day to day operations, involving full user support. Also I led weekly meetings for review advances, and to solve problems and conflicts that includes to made reports to CEO. I drove Physical Inventory, made performance report of MIS, led development of new software

      Total knowledge in: MAPICS the ERP Software Package; expertise in IBM AS/400 Mid Range Computer; mastering in programming; expertise for install new releases and OS maintenance, wide knowledge in LAN design, set up, and administering, wide experience in electronic communications, expert in Windows, MS Office, and some other PC software, like Visio, Project, Access, and some others. Wide experience in MIS Administration, and Systems Engineering, and mainly; wide experience in English and Spanish

    • I was there only a small period of time, but during that time I supported the sales people in to give a lot of presentations to prospects and customers, in all country, that result in to add more manufacturing customers. Taught a lot of people doing training courses, also I did assistance to customers in software use and in develop or review implementation plans, as a consultant you are the people that assist sales persons in the technical aspects of a product or service, and assist to customers

      Complete understand and comprehension of all Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System, because the source material is in English, I needed to translate for customers several times, also I helped to official translator with lingo and language doing proofreading of materials translated for him, then when translation was ready I build Power Point scripts in order to present to customers, prospects, and internal personnel the new products and its advantages. Another duty was attend training from Am

      Wide knowledge in the ERP modules; Manufacturing process, Finance process, Quality Control Process, Administering Process, Production Control process, Order Entry & Invoicing process, PC software, and mainly; you need a wide knowledge in English and Spanish, including lingo and language of IT, Business and Manufacturing.

    • Another multinational company, with a high contact with native English speakers, what I did was organizing full MIS functions, before me they don’t have any MIS department, in fact they worked with contractors for everything MIS subjects they may needed. Was the challenge to build a good IT people team, proficient to support the operations, develop new SW and support ERP Implementation Process, also improve all the computer equipments, in order to update to new technologies, something else was r

      Support daily operations of all MIS activities in company, watching new projects development advances, conduct weekly task force meetings related to review ERP implementation advance and results, doing at the end a bilingual report to High Direction. Design and conduct a training program for ERP users, and made the weekly advance reports, managing the MIS personnel, made performance evaluations, control computer supplies and order materials for support correct operability, solve problems and con

      Wide knowledge in English and Spanish languages, including lingo and language in Information Technologies, Manufacturing, Business, Finance, and Medical terms. Also in MAPICS ERP System, Mid Range Computers, programming, new OS release installation and maintenance, wide knowledge in PC software, and wide experience with MIS Administration, and Systems Engineering, also in production process, inventory control, finance and accounting, new product development, quality control process, medical labo

    • Main result was to build the MIS department, in order to complete the corporate goals and objectives, this facility was the first in Mexico, and they never before had any. I led ERP Implementation process, including all MIS administration functions, support sales, logistics and Production Control and Costing. Developing and Implement Information Systems for Invoicing, Physical Inventory, Payroll, Fixed Assets control and valuation, Import Permits Control, and some others SW pieces that adequate

      Responsible for organize MIS department and control the daily operations of all MIS activities, manage new SW development projects, led ERP implementation process, research of new software that improve manufacturing and distribution process, watching the correct application of new releases, also had responsibility for LAN design and administering, control of PC computer operability. Responsible for design and ran training programs for all people in ERP usage, taught in bilingual classes.

      Wide knowledge in English and Spanish languages, including lingo and language in Manufacturing, Business, Finance, and Manufacturing, also In MAPICS ERP System, Mid Range Computers, programming, OS release installation and maintenance, wide knowledge in PC software, also need a wide knowledge in MIS Administration, Systems Engineering, production process, inventory control, new products development, quality control, accounting and Finance process, in a Automotive Environment.

    • Engineer & Freelance consulting and adviser for companies that use or will use the MAPICS (Manufacturing, Accounting Production Information Control) ERP System and configuration of the IBM AS/400 computer where MAPICS run, and need to have enough computer power. Also advice in to build detailed Project for implement computer and ERP System, advice in develop training schedule for people and tech people in use of ERP, also give teaching to all levels. Another task done was to make specific progra

      Give technical support to customers in use and implementation of computer hardware and software, also develop programs and job schedules for ERP implementation, and follow up results, also teach people in use of computers, advice to select hardware and software, work as a team member with high manager and his staff. Give advice for to solve problems and conflicts within implementation process.

      Deeply knowledge of the IBM AS/400 mid-range computer, including OS/400, DB Design and administration, ILE RPG and Cobol Programming Languages, and full developer tools, also wide and deeply knowledge in MAPICS ERP System. On the other hand you need skills as trainer, project managing, and in the use of MS Office, Windows 89/NT, MS Project, build business presentations, communication facilities, English and Spanish domain, problem solutions, drive Brain Storming sesions, good inform redactions,


    • CompuMaster

      Computer Maintenance and Repair.


    • Dekalb Technical College

      ESL Certificate


    • The Tax College

      Tax Preparation

      Cartificate of Completion

    • The School of Plumbing

      Professional Plumbing


    • Georgia Perimeter College



    • Georgia Perimeter College

      PC Troubleshooting

      Certificate Technician

    • SADE de la ESCA del IPN

      International Commerce

      No 2 years of 4

    • Berlitz Global Education Co.

      Advanced English 10th level

      Diploma & Certificate

    • LANEC de IBM de Mexico

      Systems Engineering


    • ESIQIE del IPN

      Chemical Industrial Engineering



    • CompuMaster

      PC Computer Maintenance and Repair

    • DeKalb Technical College in Georgia

      ESL Certified

    • The Tax College

      Tax Preparation Certificate

    • The School of Plumbing

      Professional Plumbing Technician

    • Georgia Perimeter College

      PC Throubleshouting Thechnician

    • Georgia Perimeter College

      Certified Accountant

    • Berlitz of Mexico

      English Completion Certificate

    • LANEC of IBM of Mexico.

      Information Systems Engineer

    • ESIQUIE of Politechnical National Institute

      Chemical Industrial Engineer


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    Training Manual "Building a Leader"

    A Manual to train, high direction and managers, to identify the managing style they have for to drive company to a world class enterprise, also teach managers in use democratic style of managing, and some other themes. It had 8,671 source words in 27 pages.


    • Price : $610.00 USD
    • Type : 17 October 2014
    • Source Language : English
    • Target Language: Spanish
    • View File

    Translate 2 ads, 1 leaflet and one training booklet

    The project was to translate 2 ads and 1 leaflet with around 500 source words plus a training booklet with 27 pages with 4,208 source words, the material is for promote Symmentria Cosmetic products, so it have cosmetic, biomedical and publishing terms, and project was in rush, but done on time.


    • Price : 235.00 USD
    • Type : 17 October 2014
    • Source Language : English
    • Target Language: Spanish
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    Web page translation

    Translate from English to Spanish, a small web page with 729 source words, for advertise the Hotel and Boutique Days At Sea (DAS), located in Trafalgar South Africa. The work was delivered in .doc file type.


    • Price : 35.00 USD
    • Type : 17 October 2014
    • Source Language : English
    • Target Language: Spanish
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