Aimee Liu

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    English - Chinese Simplified 0.02 USD per Character Native Speaker 9 year(s) of experience Certified

    Employment History

    • 1. Very experienced interpreter, outstanding English. TEM8(Test for English Majors), 6 years' translation and interpretation experience in prestigious European MNCs. Worked in Shanghai for 4 years. 2. Worked with expats from all over the world, especially those from North America( U.S.,Canada), North Europe( Denmark, Sweden),Middle Europe( U.K.,France,Germany).

      1.Interpretation for press conferences,large MNCs,international organizations,etc. 2.Market research,etc. 3.Management Details of work and client company names are hidden. Some of the above-mentioned information could be given upon request.

      1. My expertise lies in water treatment, power distribution, environmental protection, stone industry, etc. 2. Xiamen local with fluent xiamen dialect(Taiwanese), Chinese Mandarin State Standard Level II. 3. Positive, reliable, mature, confidential, good image.


    • Foreign Language College,Fuzhou University,China

      English Literature



    • National Foreign Language Committee

      TEM8(Test For Englih Majors Higheset Level 8)


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