Defining Software Localization

Software and website localization is a process of adapting a specific program to a certain locale, that is, a countries language, standards, culture and even legal requirements. The product needs to not only provide the exact function properly in a new country, but more so adapt to the target market that will be purchasing and using the software. Users need to be able to effectively use this foreign product as if it were made specifically for them. Software localization service needs to be natural transformation into ones own comfortable surroundings and environment and language.


This also means that someone from China using an American software product can feel secure knowing that all the messages they send, addresses and other data they may input into the system will be in Chinese the same way as if they were to write it on paper themselves. All messages that come to them in an error or help form are in Chinese and not English geeky technology speak. Online editions that are able to be downloaded need to also be localized as if it were the true physical product, which it is. Packaging and any printed reference materials need to be localized as well.


Software localization works by modifying the source codes for a product created and developed in one country and changing it so that it adapts to the need of other countries. Translators in different countries are hired to adapt these products because they know the language better than anyone else- as it is their natural tongue and they are trained to translate from one countries design to theirs. The cost to localize a product after it is already made without localization can be extremely expensive and time consuming. The ideal goal is for a software company to invest in a translation company that includes software and website localization, killing two birds with one stone, so to speak- and doing a quality job in the process. Outsourcing to a translation company eliminates the expensive in-house cost it would take. A translation company can also offer a wider range of services and expertise because their job focuses on localization service and specializing in language and computer translation. Other services a translation company can provide is patents, education and training and document translation.


The options you must look into before you trust your expensive, hard earned software program into the global market is to think about how you would receive a foreign product in your hands without the proper Software and website localization for your native language. You would not be able to understand it, manage it and most likely give the product away because it is no use to you. More frustrating would be for the product to work just enough to tease you and then waste your time while you messed with it to work. When you decide to go with a trusted source for your software product, look for a company that has been in business for awhile, has clients living in the countries in which you want to translate into and other known clients who trust the company. For more information about finding a Software and website localization , localization service , or translation company go to

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