5 Steps to Successful Document Translation

1. Research Once you have decided to launch into the global market, it's advised to research translation companies who can start the translation of your product and see it to success in other countries from start to finish.


2. Translation Company Investing in a translation company is the first step in moving your product into the global market. If people cannot read and make sense of your great American product- how can you expect anyone to know what it is, what it does and why it's great? A translation company knows how communication works in other countries. They know the languages, the ethics and they specialize in having their professionals help other professionals, like you.


3. Localization Services Once you and the translation company have talked about your goals for you business and what you hope to gain by joining with them, they will talk about their localization services. Localization services are imperative to reaching out to the global market. Besides hiring a person who speaks Hebrew and lives in those places where that is the common spoken language, a Hebrew translator is going to be able to translate the document accurately as well as stay sensitive to the ethics and cultural demands that go along with communicating to the Hebrew speaking community. Localization is the art of making your product fit into a society while considering basic laws and cultural norms that will aid in a faster acceptance of your product.


4. Software and website localization Software and website localization is just as important as localization of your documents. Having people translate your software and website to specific countries and their languages and laws is apart of securing your place in the global market. Especially if your product is a piece of software, the coding in the software as well as the website needs to smoothly transition into other countries you are trying to reach out to. With a translation company that specializes in software and localization services, they have people working in those targeting countries who are software and website technicians translating your products, whether it is code or general language, they will translate it accurately.


5. Communication and Customer Service Of course, excellent communication and customer service for as long as you sell your product needs to be a huge priority. You have created a great software product, it's been properly translated and localized for the countries in which your product is sold, what is the next step? Making sure that you have customer service representatives who can be "help support" to different countries and vary in customer service as well as technical support to make sure any questions someone should have in any country that your product is being sold in, are accurately and properly answered. Research, localize and customer service make up the foundation to steer your business to success in the global market. Follow these steps as you move your business into the global market and you can't lose.


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