Growth of Translation Services Due To Globalization

Professional translation services prove to be indispensable when an organization decides to take its product or service outside its home turf. Such brand building exercises outside the home territory require strong support from translation services as companies encounter linguistic, cultural, economic, and legal obstacles in pursuit of their objectives in foreign markets. The advances in communication technology have helped organizations to extend their reach beyond their home markets. Distances have dissolved and differences in time zones have ceased to be a hindrance. In fact, they are more of an advantage as clients get their work done faster as compared to the vendors in the home countries.

However, one obstacle remains and that is the inability to correspond with clients who have limited or no proficiency in the English language. Earlier companies used to focus on those markets only where the native language was similar to the mother tongue. However, intense competition has forced companies to focus on these markets, as they are far too lucrative to be ignored.


Translation services prove very useful when an organization has to develop a multi lingual product or service like a website or a portal to cater to the needs of a geographically dispersed clientele. Many companies require the help of translators while deciding upon the nomenclature of their product or service. Before releasing the product or service in the market it s crucial that companies go through such a drill so as to avoid hurting the sensibilities of a community due to irresponsible nomenclature.


Translation services have undergone a sea change owing to globalization. Earlier translation services were offered only at a personal level through interpreters and translators. Nowadays there are certain niche agencies, which provide web based translation services to cater to the business communication needs of corporate working for offshore clients. IT companies especially require these type of services as bulk of the work they perform is for offshore clients. Companies have realized that having a strong translation support mechanism is crucial if they want to survive in the foreign markets. Translation is not just limited to trade to commerce it has become an important tool for understanding of foreign cultures which ultimately leads to improved relations and higher volume of business turnover in the long run.

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