Creating your Resume

My Profile

Under „My Profile” link, update your account information, contact information, email notification preferences, upload your picture, change your password and set your availability settings. Select checkboxes on the right to configure what information you want make available to your clients. Configure your emailing preferences under the Email Notifications section.

Availability Calendar

Update availability calendar by selecting dates when you are not going to be available for work.


Select a .jpg or .gif file by clicking on “Select” button. Click “Upload” button to upload the picture or logo.


On the page under „Languages” link, specify language combination you work with. Provide as much information as applicable about each language combination.

Tools (Skills)

Select tools you have worked with from the tree on the left side of the page and rate your skills for the selected tools.


Upload your work samples by clicking on “Add” button on “Portfolio” page. You can upload Microsoft Office documents, Adobe PDF documents, html documents, text files and images in .jpg and .gif format.


Under “Education” link, specify schools you attended and degrees you completed.


Under “Licenses”, include certificates and licenses you obtained related to translation industry.


Under “Employment”, include companies you worked for on part time or full time basis.


Under “References” you can provide name, email address and phone number of your previous clients as references.

Past Projects

Past projects feature enables you to receive feedbacks from clients you have worked with in the past outside of You also may identify projects which you have completed on website.

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