Bidding on Projects

You will be notified via email about new projects matching language combinations you specified on your resume. 

In order to apply for a project you are interested in you must submit a bid. You can submit a bid for a project as long as the language combination of the project is specified on your resume.

Project providers are notified about bids from translators and can view all bids online on our website. Project providers select one or more translators for projects.

You will be notified via email if an outsourcer is interested in your services and you will be able to contact the outsourcer directly via email.

How to submit a bid?

When submitting a bid for a project, make sure you specify the QUOTE for the project and when you will be able to DELIVER the translation. It also is very important to bid on project as soon as you receive a notification about it. 

If your email client allows html emails, the link in the email will take you directly to the project. Click on "Sign In" at the bottom of the project. After you sign in you will be taken to project and you will be able to submit a bid.  If your email client does not support html emails, you need logon to your account and click on PROJECTS in main menu, click on "VIEW" button, click on "SUBMIT BID", enter your message to the outsourcer and click on "SEND" button.

With the “Freelancer” account type, you can place up to 60 bids per month and with the “Agency” account type, you can place up to 100 bids per month. 

You do not need to send your resume when you submit a bid. Your resume is available to clients via

If you are requested to provide a sample translation then you need to paste the translated text into the message box.

In cases when the project leads are too general to provide a detailed quote you should specify your general rates to be renegotiated after receiving more detailed information about the project.

Bid examples

Here are few examples of bids:

“Mr. Smith, I can translate your document for a fee of $25.00. I used to work for a catholic printing, advertising and promoting company, Liturgical Publications, and dealt with many churches around the US. I will be able to deliver the file translated by XX.XX.2006. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you. Clara Simons”

“Dear Michael, I have a MS Publisher and my bid is USD60. Accuracy and quality are ensured. Please consider. I am very interested in your translation project. I am a French native speaker translator. I translate general, economic and technical documents from English, Spanish and Japanese into French. I am available immediately for your project. Feel free to contact me for further details. Best regards, Ed Jackson”

“Dear Tom, I can translate the file by the deadline and at the established rate. I am an experienced translator and native German speaker and accept payment via PayPal. I am currently available to take up the project and would start working on the translation as soon as I receive the document. If you have any preliminary queries, don't hesitate to email me. I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Amy Bovland”

“Mr. Craft, I am extremely interested in your project. I can work on it for 20 Euro. I can meet the deadline. I'm an Italian native speaker awarded with two certificates assessing "mother-tongue" level of knowledge of English language (C2 – Mastery – according to the Common European Framework). One of them is the Certificate of Proficiency in English issued by Cambridge University (Level 3 of UK National Qualifications Framework). Moreover, after having passed the relevant examination, I’ve been authorized by the Chamber of Commerce of Italy to practice interpreting/translation and I’ve been included in the relevant list of official translators. So far, I've translated technical, legal and general documents from English into Italian. Accuracy and quality granted. Best regards, Paolo Mendes”

“Dear Jeremy, I am a Spanish native speaker with five years experience in translation and proofreading from English to Spanish. My rate is 0,10$ per source word. For this project the total amount would be 50$. I can deliver the finished translation within a few hours from receipt of the file. As a Spanish native speaker I can proofread your material into professional and clear Spanish. If I can provide you with any further information on my background and qualifications, please let me know. Thank you, Marina Rossini”

“George, I'm a native Korean speaking translator specialized in technical writing. I'm proficient in English (I possess a TELC B2 adVantage certification, copy available upon request) and I work as an English-Korean translator since 9 years, having translated many websites for a Korean web-agency and a lot of technical articles for a famous Korean computer magazine. My latest translation project was a 74-pages long manual of a Korean Digital Video Recorder with PTZ Camera (from English into Korean), finished just a few days ago. I'm 31 years old, and I can translate between 3000 and 5000 words per day (depending on the overall complexity). My rate is 0.08 USD per word. Accuracy and quality granted. Best regards, Tom Flowers”

Translation rates

Translation rates vary depending on the language combination. If a client has a rush project, rates tend to be higher. Tariffs are generally higher for translation services in-between European languages. Projects posted by clients from Asia or South America are usually lower.  Rates also depend on the level of translation difficulty, type of document and area of expertise. Rates range is in between $0.04-$0.18.  

You may check the aggregate translation rates for all language combinations at

You may look at resumes of different translators listed and according to their qualifications and rates establish your own rates.

Getting paid

You will be notified by email when a client responds to your bid. You can contact the client directly and agree upon further details (payment date, payment method, delivery type, due date, etc). You must coordinate the payment for the project directly with the client. We do not get involved in the final contracts between translators and clients.

We recommend signing a work agreement with the project provider if a project is large. You also can request a prepayment before you begin your work. You may check the terms of the PayPal payment system (, which is frequently used by translators for payment processing.

We recommend referring to feedbacks displayed on user’s profile showing previous experience of other translators with the project poster before you accept a project. 

My bids

On „My bids” page you can view the history of your bids and using drop down menu you can check status of your bids:

Pending bids are removed automatically once the project expires. Projects expire three months after they are closed.

Filter projects matching your criteria

On “Projects” page you can filter projects matching your criteria. Check "Hide projects not for my languages" to show only projects for languages which you have specified on your resume. Check "Hide projects to which I have applied" to hide projects for which you have already have submitted a bid.

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