Feedback System

After completion of a project, translators and agencies who worked on the project are invited to provide feedback about the outsourcer of the project. Translators are allowed to share their opinions about the client taking into account the payment terms, communication and professionalism. Similarly, the project provider is invited to provide feedback about the translators.

The feedback is displayed on a translator’s resume showing his/her rating along with detailed information on the particular project.

The feedback allows us to protect freelancers from dishonest clients and dishonest freelancers. When we approve projects, we take into account previous feedbacks from freelancers. If a company has negative feedbacks, we do not approve their projects and the same they will not be able to recruit freelancers via our website.

How to leave a feedback on a client?

Logon to your account and click on "Projects" and "My Bids" links. Select the project you were working on (your bid will have status "Responded"), click on the "Provide feedback" button.

Note, you can provide your feedback through the system as long as you actually worked on the project and the project has not been removed yet. Projects are removed from our database after they expire.

Feedback examples

Here are few feedback examples:

“Excellent communication, very helpful and professional. Quick payment. I would like to work for them again.”

“It was my pleasure to work on this project. Professional way of handling the translation process, fast payment. Thanks!”

“Excellent person to work with, she kept her word and all her promises, paid right away. I would definitely work for her again.”


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