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Adoption Document Translation Adoption is the act of legally placing a child under the care of an individual or individuals to whom the child was not born. Once the adoption takes effect, the responsibilities and rights of the child’s birth parents are transferred to his or her adoptive parents. Different societies may have considerably different laws and attitudes regarding adoption. Therefore, translating adoption documents is a culturally sensitive issue that requires diligent attention to legal and other details.

It is often the case that copies of adoption documents are kept not only by a child’s birth parents and adopted parents, but also by the domestic or international agency that arranges the adoption. More importantly, in most countries, social welfare and/or immigration officials monitor the adoption process in order to avoid abuse and negligence of human rights. As a result, it is recommended that adoption documents are only handled by certified translators. This is to ensure precise and clear translation over issues such as protection of the child’s identifying details, transfer of responsibilities and rights from birth parents to adoptive parents, and respect for the child’s rights and needs by the society in which he or she is to live

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