Website Translation

A website is a collection of web pages, images, videos and/or other digital contents that is hosted on at least one web server. It is usually accessed via the Internet. The pages of a website typically live in certain hierarchy and are retrieved from a common root URL called the Homepage. The hyperlinks between the pages also control how the user perceives the overall structure of the website and how the traffic flows between different parts of the site.

Websites can be built and launched by individuals, businesses and other public and private organizations. Whatever its nature – personal, commercial, governmental or non-profit – a website is typically dedicated to some particular topic or purpose. However it is structured, a website most commonly contains two major elements – navigation (such as buttons, hyperlinks, dialogs, pick lists and drop-down lists) and content (including text, image, video and other digital assets). In both cases, the translation needs to be clear, precise and free of error. Whether it is for the purpose of internationalization or localization, the translator needs to have sufficient knowledge and experience in fields related to the subject matter of the website in order to adequately interpret its navigation and content.

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