Diploma Translation

diploma is a certificate issued by an educational institution that testifies the recipient’s successful completion of a particular course of study. The document typically contains the following items: the full names of the diploma, the recipient, the course of study, and the institution in which the recipient has successfully completed this course; the date on which the diploma is issued; the name of the person representing the institution to confer the diploma; and the official seal of the institution. In almost every culture and society, a diploma is seen as confirmation of a person’s professional qualification, especially on occasions where he or she is seeking employment or pursuing further education (or training). Therefore, it is recommended that only certified translators are appointed to translate diplomas.

Because in different countries the term “diploma” can refer to different qualifications, it is crucial that the translator has sufficient knowledge and experience in the educational systems of both source and target countries. More importantly, because diplomas serve as proofs of individual qualifications, their translation needs to be clear, precise and free of error. Once certified, copies of translated diploma are considered as legally valid as the original.

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