Letter Translation

A letter is a written message from one person to another. A form of communication that advances through time, letters can appear as telegraphs, faxes, email messages, Internet postings and other types of scribbled correspondence. However a letter is written, sent, received and read, it typically contains items such as the date on which it is written, the names of its sender and recipient, and the message that the former intends to convey to the latter. At least the address of the recipient is required for him or her to receive the letter.

Letters can be written for official, commercial and personal reasons. For example, official letters often contain certain request or advice with which a government wishes to inform its citizens. Meanwhile, businesses and advertisers may send letters to their current and potential customers as a form of advertising for products and/or services. In both cases, letters need to be translated clearly, precisely and free of error. Although translators of official and commercial letters do not need to be certified, they at least should have sufficient knowledge and experience in fields related to the content of the letters in order to conduct proper translation.

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