The Necessity of website translation

You may not have realized but website translator is the main requirement if you want to grow and popularize your website. Let's find out why website translator is required if you want more and more people visit your site and when they arrive at your site they will take the necessary action. Read the following to know more.


Internet users


Considering the Internet user by country, do you know which country has the highest users? If your answer is USA then you are not right. America is ranked two and China is ranked one as far as internet users are concerned. You have any idea, how many people in China only speak and read Chinese? Although there are many people who know English, around 250 million Chinese people don't know English; they only speak and read Chinese. These people do not understand anything about your website.


China is not the only country, other similar no English speaking countries also have large internet users. For example, Japan ranked as number 3 with 94 million net users out which most of then only speaks and read Japanese only. Think about the number of visitors you will get when your site is translated in to Chinese or in Japanese. India is ranked 4 with the approx. 60 million internet users. Germany is ranked 5th with 50 million net users. Brazil has the same number of net users as Germany and ranked 6th. France is ranked 8 with 35 million net users and Italy is ranked 10 with approx. 35 million internet users.


If you sum up all the non English speaking internet users then you will get around 1 Billion users that don't understand English. If you are marketing products that appeals to International market then website translator is the best service you must have in order to reach those non English people. If your website is only in English then you are leaving the sizable amount of your market.

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