Free ways to market your translation services website

Marketing your website is a process which may be quite consuming but it does pay off in the end. Here are few tips on how to get started with marketing your website and driving traffic and clients looking for translation services to your website:

1. Submit your website to search engines

The first step in marketing your website is submitting it to the search engines for indexing. Search engines will spider or visit your website and all pages included on your site to their indexes so they can be found later. You can use this free submission tool to submit your website to various search engines:

2. Submit your website to directories Submit your website to major website directories.
Most of currently existing directories require you to pay a fee. There still few which are free. Here are few of the major directories where you should submit your website:,,,

3. Exchange links with other websites related to the translation service industry.
It is imported to have as many links on other websites to your website as possible. The more incoming links to your website, the higher your website will show in the search results in search engines. You can sign up with link exchange programs which simplify finding websites for the exchange.

4. Write articles on your website related to your industry
The more unique, informative content the better chances are that your website will show up higher in the search engines. Translation Portals allows you add unlimited number of pages and articles. Each article is equipped with social marketing promotional tool as well as comments section.

5. Optimize your meta data keywords and website title
It is important that your website contains various translation related keywords to optimize your website search engine visibility. With Translation Portal, you can modify meta tags in online editor by clicking “Settings” button.

6. Submit your articles to article directories
You can submit your website articles to article directories to increase your article visibility.

7. Submit your website to local directories
Submit your website to Google Local as well as Yahoo Local directories.

You can sign up for a free trial for you website at If you would like
to learn more about Translation Portals click here.

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