How to Hire an Immigration Translator

One of the main fears of immigrants is making an error in government paper work. Just one or two errors, and all could go awry. With the piles of paper work essential in the immigration process, scrutinizing every word can be stressful for a non-native English speaker. Even if your English is excellent, you may want to consult someone who can professionally translate or proofread your documents. Hiring the right translator will put your mind greatly to ease.

There are several key things to look for when hiring for document translation services. Whether you need to find a japanese translator, or obtain a hebrew translation, the options are enough to overwhelm you. By just googling "japanese translator", you will find a long list of individual translators and translation companies, all over the world.

The first thing to look for is a Native English Speaker: A native English speaker is someone who grew up speaking English as a first language. It is less important that the translator is a fluent speaker of your native tongue. You want a native English speaker who can easily spot small errors in your English. On occasion, a non-native English translator is acceptable. In fact, you may be able to pay a lower rate if the translator is not a native English speaker. However, they should have been living in an Anglophonic country for a minimum of ten years, and they should give you several recommendations about their English skills. Remember, there are talented linguists out there. A Japanese translator may be more fluent in English than the typical American.

Experience is the second factor when hiring an immigration translator. There are many kinds of translators to choose from, but you want someone with at least three years experience in translating immigration documents. If you choose a translation company, instead of an independent translator, you may be safest. A good translation company will have a system for regulating the quality of translation work, and they usually use translation software, too. Ask the company you are hiring about their regulation system: How do they detect errors? How many clients from your native country have they assisted? How much experience do their translators have with your native tongue? These are all questions you will want to ask. There is a lot of potential for error when translating documents, and you don't want anything to go wrong with your sensitive information.

Privacy policy: Since immigration papers contain extremely personal information, you will want to ask the translation company about their privacy policy. Most professional translation companies have a strict privacy policy, just like banks and doctors. However, private, independent translators may not have a privacy code to which they formally adhere. A professional translation company knows that violating their policy could result in a lawsuit. An independent translator may be less aware of potential lawsuits, and not have a clear privacy policy. If you do choose to hire an independent translator, it is best if you know him/her personally, and can trust him/her completely. Otherwise, you are safest with hiring from a translation company. If any problems arise, an office can't run away as fast as an individual can.

By hiring a translator with native or near-native English speaking skills, who has immigration experience, and a strong privacy policy, your immigration paper work will fly, and your transition to America will be enjoyable.

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