Free Online Translation Vs Professional Translation Services

If you own a business you may be relying on an online translation form or even a personal friend to do all your translations, however, many translation forms online are not correct and your friend may not be able to translate into all the languages you need for your business to grow. You may even find a few software programs that will translate your documents; however, they are not dependable.

Any time you have the need for a document to be translated especially if the material is legal or medical you cannot trust just any translation as just one word can mean something different and could result in a major error in the translation. Even words in American English and British English are not the same, so translations can be very tricky. In order to ensure that your documents are translated perfectly so as to convey the exact meaning of the document you must have a person or company that is fluent in both languages, the one of the original document and the language in which you want it translated into.

If you have visited various websites offering translations software, you more than likely have noticed they also offer translation services for a fee. If their software were so great, why would they offer the service as well? Even these companies do not have full faith in their products. All translation should be concise, provide clarity and continuity in order for the receiver to comprehend the document and move forward with your business.

Hiring a professional translation service is the smart way to go if you are conducting business. Software programs and free translation services may be fine for corresponding with a new acquaintance; however, when your company is on the line or money is involved you will need accurate documents. Remember, only a human would be able to recognize certain words sound alike but have different meanings to know which spelling of the word to use. In American English there are quite a few words that sound the same but have different meanings such as sea – see, to, two, and too, just to name a few. If the word is not used properly, the person receiving the document will believe that your company is not as professional as one might perceive if you use the wrong usage of the word. Not only that but the way in which the sentences are put together are just as important. Not all languages use the same structure in their sentences as English and this can be quite confusing for those that are trying to understand a legal document.

The best way in which to find a qualified translation service is to do your homework. Ask for a small sample to test the translation service on offer, where you provide the document and they translate the document into the language you desire. You can use the same document and ask more than one company to translate the short paragraph or two. Ask for references, call the references, and ask questions. Read all the fine print, some companies offer guarantees, rush orders, and other options that your business may need. Another thing to remember, the cheaper service may not be the best, however, the most expensive may not be the best either. Translation services are competing for your business, you will want to ensure you choose a reputable company with the qualifications and expertise you need for your business to grow worldwide.

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