Translation Business for a Professional

Today’s translation market is more competitive then ever before. This is due to the crisis of the global economy and lower expansion rate of companies into foreign markets. The competitive market requires translators to take extra steps to remain ahead of competition and to be profitable.

The key to any business success is to stay active and look ahead for new opportunities to improve your product or service. The customer will always value providers who maintain professional outlook and at the same time stay competitive with their service and pricing.

The following are MUST have tools and techniques to stay ahead of translation market today:

1. Translation market promotion
This is the quickest and the most affordable way to find new leads and opportunities. You can pay a low yearly fee and develop long lasting translation service relationships with your clients. Also the profile can be used to establish credibility with your clients. Previous employers as well as new employers can provide rating about you on your profile. Visit to register.

2. Professional website
Website represents your business. Remember, potential customers do not know who you are, so they always want to visit your website to learn more about you, your business and services. Having your own professional looking website is the best way to show your potential client that you qualify for the translation job. It is also very important that your website content is informative. To create your own website specifically created for translators visit

3. Company email address
Along with your website, you should own an email address with your website domain. This will give you a much needed professional outlook as opposed to email address on one of the public email services such as gmail, yahoo etc. You can sign up for a Translation Portal on and obtain unlimited number of email addresses for your business. Please, visit to sign up.

4. Compare your translation rates
Remember that translation market changes and adjusts. You should always stay competitive with your pricing. This will help you establish long relationships with your clients. To learn about current market translation rates for your language combination visit

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