How Translators Can Find and Be Accepted for Freelance Translation Jobs

Compared to other freelance jobs, qualifications for freelance translation jobs are more stringent. Foremost of the requirement is at least three years experience as a professional translator. You need to be able to present certificates or any credential as proof of competency acquired from universities or professional institutions. Hence, it is not easy to find freelance translation jobs. You might also encounter some clients who want the translator to be a native speaker of the language being translated to. Similar to other freelance jobs, you need to be adept also in the use of Office applications such as MS Word, Powerpoint and even Excel. However, applicants for other freelance jobs only need to undergo standard tests but for freelance translation jobs, you need to obtain above-average rating for translation tests you need to take.
Freelance translation jobs also make use of the same basic tools that other freelance jobs require from those working from home. These consist of computer with internet connection, e-mail accounts for timely exchange of communication, and a phone for matters that need to be conferred right away with the clients. As a freelance translator, one of the tools of the trade which will give you an edge over other translators offering the same freelance translation jobs is language translator software which is a more efficient substitute for manual referencing at bilingual dictionaries. These days, freelance translation jobs are now aided with free downloadable software with applications that expedite translation.
Unlike other freelance jobs which can easily be accessed just by looking over the web, some freelance translation jobs require that translators join as members before they can have further access to prospective clients. Following are the options you could take to break into their site: (1) Join online translation portals because these are equipped with databases where clients look into your profile and the type of freelance translation jobs you could do. (2) Apply to translation agencies. Remember to prepare a portfolio of services rendered as translator to provide the agency the right impression on your suitability for freelance jobs. (3) Browse the web for freelance jobs with less stringent qualifications for translator but be prepared to accept lower than market rate offer. (4) Place an advertisement in the newspaper. (5) Hand out business cards at venues holding seminars, conferences or training for multinational participants. An organizer there may hire you to translate some of the brochures to the language of majority of the participants. (6) Find a forum for networking with other translators so you get updated whenever there are freelance translation jobs being offered.
Once you have started on one of those freelance translation jobs, always keep in mind that your technical qualifications are not enough to make you last long in the freelance business. A lot of your success would also depend on proper work attitude. In any of the freelance jobs you may undertake, maintain the value of self-discipline and strong work ethic so you may succeed in any task.

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