How to become a good translator

What it takes to become a good translator. First of all to become a good translator you have to have a good knowledge   of your on native language grammatically speaking and also knowledge in text interpretation, otherwise you won’t be delivering the right message to your client. The art of translation consists in give the right and accurate message to others. When you think about become a translator you have to think about different areas of expertise. But what that means? It means that you gone have different knowledge into different areas such as: Literature ,Medicine ,Law among others, so you might be asking yourself do I have to have a degree in this different areas ?? Not necessarily but you have to be curious and like to learn different abilities. A good translator is that person who knows exactly what to say or write when you are talking about a specific   subject. So your client can be satisfy when you deliver the final result .Another point very important to consider it is the knowledge in the target language because when you are translating you always have to remember that you are given the main idea and not literally transcribing the message otherwise the person whom will read that article will not get the right message. These are a fill tips to become a good translator, I hope it was helpful.

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