Translation documents

Translations from translation companies given to translators usually involve documents, thus texts, smaller and bigger ones with a certain number of pages. There are other kinds of translations, such as online translations via site or video games, for example that can be done online. There are also translations of websites that can be done from a widget or some open source companies provide templates online to open a document. All other sorts of texts are done in software offline and from this point of view, statistically they are the majority of texts provided to translators by translation agencies. Normal texts of general, legal texts for example are done in Word Microsoft. For this use, unless it's a simple document, where translator has just to type, it's better that translators know however how to use Word, as it involves many other things a translator might need for his job, this is tools of Word and it's better that translator is computer literate, even have ECDL, or basic equivalent knowledge of it from experience.Other kinds of docs, such as repetitive short terms of a table or glossaries require other kinds of software, such as Excel, the use of which is more simple. Some other kind of documents, such as medical or pharmaceutic ones should be done in specific software, like for example in Wordfast, when there are chemistry terms involved. and you need a TM. Furthermore technical texts, with specific terminology, would require Trados or other sort of similar software, included Wordfast, Memo Q with TM. In this case also you start the job, by uploading a Word doc, though final doc will be saved in a different form of software and usually this kind of docs done in such software need training and experience. If one does not only want to be a single user at first level.but have advanced knowledge of higher level. (To be continued)

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