Seven tips to find the right financial translation agency

Is your financial company searching for a financial translation service? There are thousands of translation agencies and it might be a hard task choosing the right one to have a good service. Take some tips that will help you to choose the right financial translation agency. 1. First, you want company that has experience in translating financial documents. Make shore that there´s an agency that work with qualified and experienced finance translators. 2. The second tip is: make sure that the agency work with native-speaking linguists. Otherwise you can potentially have to face a situation of mistranslation from the source language to the target language. 3. Thirdly, you might also pay attention if the financial translation agency offers quality and satisfaction guarantees. 4. Most of the translation companies promise rapid turnaround, but it is essential to verify if the translation service you choose is able to indeed provide a fast and reliable turnaround that meet your deadline. Pay attention to the project management system and quality control mechanisms. 5. Look for other costumer’s references to understand better the satisfaction with the company services. 6. Make sure that the financial translation service include independent proofreading to verify the accuracy of the first translator's work. 7. Confidentiality is a key aspect of financial document translation. Ensure that the confidentiality of your critical information is safeguarded. About us: Tradu24 is a financial documents translation agency based in London that offers a full independent proofreading service which ensures that the target text keeps the same meaning and consistency as the original. We work with experience financial translators and native-speaking linguistics from all over the world. Our financial translation services are tailored to suit our clients; we are able to compile glossaries and style guides to ensure that all translators and proofreaders incorporate our client’s preferred styles. As an additional aspect to our financial translation service we are also able to arrange DTP and typesetting. We have continuous exposure to all kinds of financial documents, from banking to trading, and we translate them quickly and, above all, accurately.

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