Do you need a legal translation? Three tips to choose the right translator.

A law firm or legal department with multilingual clients needs great translations agencies with qualified translators. One word is not just one word; it can be “the word” that will bring disastrous results. If your law firm or legal department requires legal translation services, pay attention on these tips that can save your business time, money and your valuable reputation. Incredibly cheap and fast? Watch out! Are you delighted with that company that offers legal translation for $12 a page and fast turnaround? The cheapest and fastest translations can bring big problems. There must be a balance between the price, the turnaround and the quality of the legal document you can expect. Recommended legal translation agencies know that quality must be balanced with speed. It’s the only way to have accurate results. After all, translate, proofread and make sure everything it´s all right can´t be done in a flash. Machine-generated translations, non-native speakers, and cost-saving strategies can hardly harm your legal firm. Remember that your image is you best asset. Hire only a native speaker Someone in the office is multilingual and answers the phone calls of your multilingual clients and makes the meetings interpretation? For minor issues this might be enough but in important legal documents or in a trial that can be a disaster. Unfortunately, many legal departments rely on non-native speakers rather than qualified legal translation companies. This decision can change a trial's outcome and ruin an office reputation. It’s very important that legal documents can be translated by native speakers with a high understanding of the culture and legal system. Many seemingly universal words can have multiple meanings. Only experienced legal translators are closely familiar with the language and legal jargon. By the other hand, non-native speakers may miss a word's cultural meaning. Not fall into machine translation temptation Technology came to our lives to make them easier. Do you love the ease of copy-past a text, press a button, wait a few minutes and get your translation done? Be careful. You might be in danger. Weeks or months of legal papers preparation can be washed out because a fast and imprecise translation. According to a Wall Street Journal article, if your aim "to translate your company's message into another of the globe's languages, you probably don't want to do it on the Web." Instant translations can have disastrous results. Machine-generated translation will turn your legal document funny but useless. Only human translators can ensure that the message is well translated.

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