Verbumsoft - New free word counting and invoicing software for translators and writers

QuickCount is an easy-to-use word counting and invoicing tool available at no charge to members. The tool is directed to professionals who base their quotations and invoices on number of words, characters, lines or pages.

VerbumSoft QuickCount 1.0 is able to provide various text statistics with incredible accuracy and speed. The easy to use interface allows to drag and drop files and folders from familiar windows explorer like navigation tree and automatically provide configurable statistics for each file including file name, file type, number of words, characters with spaces, characters without spaces, lines, pages and total charge amount. The amount is calculated based on the set rate per specified counting unit.

QuickCount is capable of providing counting statistics for many different file types including Microsoft Word, RTF, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point, PDF, Word Perfect, HTML, XML, ASP, PHP,TXT.

The counting statistics can be easily exported to various file formats including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PDF or text document. The tool allows to specify what fields should be included in the reports.

Other great features of this tool are invoicing and client database. Invoices and estimates can be created using file calculation statistics with a click of a button. Included client database and invoicing module allows to create ready for print invoices or estimates in a matter of seconds. Invoices and estimates can be saved as PDF files or as Microsoft Word documents.

Verbumsoft utilized the newest Microsoft .NET 2.0 technology to provide high quality counting utility for translators and writers. The technology simplifies the update process of windows applications and ensures that each running instance of the software is up to date with the latest release.

QuickCount 1.0 is available for free to members. For non members free trial is available. The full version can be purchased via website for only 49 dollars.

You can download QuickCount at

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