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In today's global economy, translation has become one of the most demanding services in the business sector. It is very challenging to develop a steady cooperation with the translation clients. Years of experience have allowed to adapt to translation market needs in terms of specialist translation resources and translation solutions offered. This article focuses on tips for translation clients that might help to get them any type of translation and interpretation services offered by translators' registry. website has created significant opportunities for translation clients.

We manage a wide range of projects, from translation and interpretation in any language, tape transcription, over-the-phone interpretation to conference interpretation.?


We offer multilingual software and website localization including key word optimization. We provide certified and legal translations of certificates, resumes, diplomas, contracts, court documents and others. We translate business correspondence, manuals, procedures and marketing materials as well as technical specifications, manuals, engineering and science articles.?


We are provide translation services via a network of over 50,000 professional translators located around the world who utilize our online system and help us provide premium services to our global customers. Our translators are native speakers with a degree or equivalent qualification in translation specialized in a particular industry area.


Our online web-based translation system simplifies the aspects of the translation project cycle from project placement to translator selection. There are just a few steps that have to be taken in order to find a professional for your translation project. Please, let us point you in the right direction.


Once you have a specific project, you can post it on our message board in order to obtain free quotes for any of our services with absolutely no obligation. The translation request will be approved by a dedicated project manager, once it is confirmed.


The system allows us to notify translators about new projects within minutes of the project posting. You will be able receive competitive quotes from translators and agencies matching your project?s criteria.


Following these three steps, you can easily post your project. There are two options, the first one enables you to create a project by providing simple details such as the project title, language combination, word count and description. The second option allows user to specify more detailed information for advanced project requirements such us the translator?s expertise, tools required to complete the project and project type i.e. translation, interpretation, proofreading, etc. Also, the client can specify whether the service has to be provided by a certified translator along with the preferred location of the potential translator. The client can also specify the delivery date, delivery file format and the maximum number of responses allowed.


It is important to provide your contact information. We respect the privacy of users and pledge to protect all the information against any misuse.


Each time a translator submits a bid for the project, the project provider is notified via email about the new bid. The project provider can view all the bids from the translators and agencies on his account under "My Projects". The process of recruiting focuses on the translator's resume and their response message. The translator's resume is available in 8 languages and includes information on the translator?s education, previous translation experience, rates, tools and references. We display the translator's rating on his resume. It is a great opportunity to review feedback on the translator provided by previous clients on his skills and abilities.


The client selects the most accomplished translators with specialized knowledge for the individual job by accepting the bids. It is up to client to respond to translators or decline bids or leave them pending. Clients can collect translators? bids in the period of a few weeks if necessary, otherwise can save the bids in case they want to use them in the future, even after the project is closed. Also, clients are allowed to run a negotiation process with a couple of translators. Translators are notified via email that their bids were accepted and they can contact the project provider. The project providers negotiate payment for the job with the translator and agree upon the payment method and the further details (delivery type, due date, etc). We do not get involved in the final contracts between translators and job posters.


In order to find a translator for a particular project, clients can also browse translators? resumes using our advanced registry search. After defining your search criteria (such as the source and target languages, expertise, mother tongue and location), you will be able to review the translators? list.? You can easily contact selected translators directly from their resumes. All sent emails will be viewable in your outbox. This is a very useful and helpful feature, allowing clients to base their selection on the individual skill offers presented instantly online.


Thanks to our extensive network of professionals and online web based solutions we can guarantee professional services and support at affordable prices. We hope you find everything you need for your translation projects at Please, feel free to contact us and we will try to help you with any and all your translation needs.


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