Invoices and Estimates in PDF format

Creating invoices and estimates may be a consuming task for freelancers. These tasks are part of their every day work. What kinds of solutions are available today to make these common tasks easier and more efficient?

One and probably the most common way to create invoices and estimates is by using Microsoft Word templates. Templates are pre-created word documents which allow user to enter information into designed word tables. This solution requires Microsoft Word and some knowledge of the software. It also requires populating client information and your own information every time you need to create a statement. The biggest downside of templates is the fact that you can not convert these documents to PDF file format unless you purchase additional software. This is great inconvenience because it requires your clients to also own a compatible version of Microsoft Word.

Translatorsbase introduced an alternative to word templates for creating invoices and estimates. The solution allows user to create such statements online with few clicks of a button. It allows you to create convenient client database which can be used when creating invoices. Statements contain service provider information, client information and a grid of items.


Figure 1. Creating a new statement.

Each created statement (invoice or estimate) can be saved and viewed from user’s account and downloaded as a PDF file. Statements can be easily emailed to clients as PDF documents.

Figure 2. Statment can be easily downloaded or emailed to a client.

Estimates can be easily converted to invoices. Both types of statements are created in similar manner. In order to create an estimates or an invoice, you need to add at least one client. Logon to your account and click on “My Business” section. Click on “Clients” and “Add”. Once you have added a client, click on “Statements” link and use the provided form to create an online statement. 


Figure 3. Statement in PDF format.

The solution makes creating professional estimates and invoices easy and efficient. It does not require any specific software knowledge and it is designed as a very user friendly tool.


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