Why Become an English to Bengali Translator?

A diploma that attests the fact that you know a few foreign languages can be very helpful when you want to get a job. But when it comes to choosing the language they will be translating most pick to learn the easiest, popular ones, just because they hear them more on TV. A well paid job as a translator mostly means knowing an Asian language. In this article, we will underline the advantages of being an English to Bengali translator and the reasons for such a choice.


There are several reasons to become an English to Bengali translator. The practical reasons are probably more appealing, but the spiritual ones are more fulfilling for an English to Bengali translator.


1. Bengali or Bangla, as it is natively called, is a Southern Asian language spoken by more than 200 million people. Being the 4th or 5th most spoken language in the world, you can be sure there are a lot of business companies which need an English to Bengali translator. Whether that company works with Bengali or Indian clients, or it has native speaker partners, at least one English to Bengali translator will be necessary. So, as an English to Bengali translator you will be able to find a job sooner and easier than other translators.


2. The English to Bengali translator will have a bigger salary than French, Spanish, Italian or any other language translator. Why? Because the English to Bengali translator doesn’t just know Bengali. He has to have a connection with this language and with the people that speak it he has to comprehend the meaning of the Bengali phrases and be able to express them appropriately to the listener. Besides, a professional English to Bengali translator isn’t as easy to find as other translators because it takes a bigger effort to become one and very few people think of this language as their possible job.



3. Learning Bengali and becoming an English to Bengali translator can be a unique experience because it is like actually learning to be Indian. Because Asian countries and their people have a more profound interior life, it is more difficult for a European or American English speaker to rationalize and translate the different terms. The work of the professional English to Bengali translator means defining perceptions which is a really complex process.


4. For those interested in poetry and literature, in cultural and linguistic differences, becoming an English to Bengali translator is the best option you can have. Tagore’s world of wonder, Ghandi’s wisdom and so many more will be opened only to the English to Bengali translator who will be able to perceive the difficulties of dialect and understand the true meaning. This is why Tagore chose to translate his book himself for a wider audience: he was aware of the fact that an English to Bengali translator would not do it as he would.


A modern world is multicultural and it is almost impossible to understand someone without knowing the environment in which he lives. Becoming an English to Bengali translator, or any translator for that matter, implies breaking boundaries and trying to know human nature and this is the ultimate reason if you were ever looking for one.

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