What to Look for in a Spanish Medical Translator

Choosing a Spanish medical translator can be a difficult task for anyone. It's important for translators to always be as faithful as possible to the original sources, but medical translators actually often face situations that can be life or death.


Spanish medical translators translate all sorts of medical documents and information. This information can be anything from medical prescriptions to doctor transcriptions, to medical articles in medical journals. When you think about all the medical information out there that we use, it's easy to see how badly translating this type of information can quickly lead to very bad situations, and even medical tragedies.


Because medical translation is so important, choosing a good Spanish medical translator shouldn't be a process you go through half-heartedly.


So what are some things you should look for? Well, first of all, a good Spanish medical translator will be someone who obviously has a strong command of the Spanish language. Not only a strong command of the language is necessary however; the translator needs to have a good grasp on medical issues both in Spanish and English. Some medical treatments in Spanish-speaking countries could be different than treatments in the United States. The translator should know about these differences, or at least understand that these differences exist.


For the previous reasons, many Spanish medical translators are former or currently practicing physicians or nurses because they are better able to understand the medical industry, along with its often confusing jargon and terminology.


So if you're in need of a Spanish medical translator, or if you have desires to become a Spansh medical translator, be sure to take the above advice to heart. Your clients deserve the best and you have a duty to provide that to them.

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