A Few "Design Do’s & Don’t’s"

If a visitor looks at your site, they ussually stay or leave, by the way your site looks. People go to sites they find a) very good looking and b) has good content. So how about you get both points, and get lots of visitors return and stay on your website! In this article I will describe the do and don’t’s of Webdesign. You will find good hints and tips here. And please remember it is a Webdesigner/Graphics Artist who let’s you in on these factors, but that doesn’t mean everything he tells you, is correct. Whenever you got a plan inside your head for a new website, or change of your current website, it always comes with a certain feeling. And in order to get your clients to return and stay on your site, you want them to feel the exact same feeling right? Well then implant your feeling into the design. If you are creating a business site, and you got a clean feeling, and very bright professional feeling, then you should show that off in your design. So don’t make a very dark design for your business, no, make it very bright and clean, just the way you felt when having the idea of starting it! You Are Unique! Everyone tells you that these days, you are unique. All your idea’s are unique, all your goals are unique. Well if that is true, then why am I seeing all those designs look alike and aren’t unique at all. For instance, go to a hosting directory, like www.serversland.com and just pick a few hosting sites out of there. They all look the same, sure they got other colors and images, but they got all the same concept. Is that because that looks good, or because it’s the way of the hosts these days? No, it’s because designers who have to create a site for a hosting site, look at other hosting sites and think: ‘Hey, good idea. Let’s do something similar!” And before you know it all the hosting sites have the same sort of design. So a big hint, be different be unique, that’s what makes visitors come back and remind your site. When you got the idea of your website inside of your head, you know almost exactly what you want and where you want it. If not write it on a piece of paper and save it, cause it is very usefull information when designing your layout. If you would be designing a layout for your own site and you want Adsense on top of it, then make space for it. Same for buttons and links. If you do not know how many links you will be having and you guess it can be quite a lot. Then do not make buttons, but make a link box instead. It sounds all very simple, but I see a lot of designers miss this. When I ask them;”Why didn’t you place the links in a link box?”. Then they respond with: “Well I thought this looked better, and I never thought I would reach that many links.”. Believe me it will sure take away a piece of flexibility of your website. If you liked this article please let me know, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me anyway. Good luck on your design.

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