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Wait a minute … do these people speak English?...
Simultaneous interpretation, used most frequently in conferences, involves listening to a speech in one language and repeating it back in another.
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The Profession
A translator is a person who takes written material such as books, manuals or documents in one language and translates into another language.
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Starting Off
How do you know when you are just starting out to translate that your translations are any good?
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Career Paths
Translators translate, if you are a translator, you are going to translate. For however long you are in this profession, you are going to translate.
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Office Tech
As a translator you will be manipulating documents in a word processor, often with the assistance of Machine Assisted Translation software.
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Professional translators are applied linguists whose ability to work with language represents their source of income.
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What do computers have in store for translators Will machine translation soon allow people to exchange written documents without any human intervention?
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The American Translators Association is the largest organization for translators. It is active in the field of interpretation and translation.
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Other Options
Many freelance translators became translators as a way to cultivate their language skills ultimately to be able to interpret.
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As a translator, you have the power to fulfill your client’s needs. Get a written agreement and start the job.
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