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Asian Tongues
The Asian languages, particularly Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese, represent a significant part of the translation industry.
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Do translators need to be educated in the art and science of translation? Is it possible to train a translator in an academic setting?
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How do you Define a Good Logo Design?
Before you decide to place your order for your logo design, check the portfolio of the company. You can definitely find a professional logo design.
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A Few Thoughts On Writing International English
Some commentators advise that if you want to be listened to
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Thinking International?
To translate or not to translate: Not all Web sites have to be translated. It depends on how much English your target market already understands.
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Why Multi-lingual Makes Sense
Don't forget that there are speakers of other languages within your own country who will no doubt prefer their own language rather than English.
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Quality Web Site Language
A good quality translation agency will provide a thorough language site review before they perform any translation.
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The Englishing of Earth
Every language that disappears is likely to take a culture with it. When a language dies the processes enshrined in its grammar die with it.
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Telephone Conferencing - Evolution in the Web
The web conferencing market place is become increasingly competitive and providers will have to stay ahead of the game in order to survive.
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Paypal primer
To conduct business on the Internet, whether informal or a full-fledged business selling services, payment arrangements have to be made.
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